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We’ve been providing in store radio and background music for shops, malls, gyms, waiting rooms, spas, hotels, restaurants and bars for 20 years, creating branded customer experiences in soundscaping and digital audio/video solutions through content, unique programming, messaging and technology.

We programme in over 25 languages and 150 genres, so we can offer you the music you need for your entire worldwide chain. With thousands of customised music channels and digital signage screens running across 4 continents, we have everything you need to create your unique customer experience, all under one roof.

Technology that lets you talk.

We’ve been evangelising narrowcasting for decades, and we put that in use to create background music and video platforms that can give you a customised experience across the chain. Content can be customised for geographic regions, countries, cities and store formats, as well as for individual outlets. With digital signage, we can customise the content delivered for each and every screen in the store, providing visual reinforcement where it’s needed – on the shelf, right next to the product. Our cloud based technology means you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time; a huge saving in bandwidth costs. Switch it on once, and then forget about it. Let your staff focus on sales, not sight and sound.

What we do

Sensory Sight and Sound

Alenka provides background music and digital audio/video signage for retail stores, waiting spaces, lobbies, fitness centres, spas, shopping centres and malls, hotels, restaurants and bars. Our in store radio and digital signage networks provide customised content delivery, with dayparts that create the right mood every day of the week. From single channels to audio and video jukeboxes, we have the right product for every need. With one of the widest capability portfolios available, your brands get experiences that are more connected and more impactful - all from a single partner.

Music Services

Whether it’s one location, or 1,000, our audio services can create a unique identity for each one. With a music team that has decades of experience in the radio business, Alenka creates unique background music soundscapes for the hospitality and retail industries, with soundscaping for malls, hotels, restaurants, bars and specialised song selection for spas and salons. For global brands, it’s the perfect in-store radio solution.

Digital Signage Services

Our digital audio/video signage services engage customers with your corporate content, advertising material, short format video, and more to inform consumers and encourage spends. With technology that lets you provide addressable content to every screen in the store, each step your customers take, each corner they turn gives them a new unique visual experience.

What we can do for you

We work in partnership with our customers to create an in store audio and video experience that’s unique to each one. Working across a range of media, we help immerse consumers in your brands’ message. And since we can customise that message for each individual location and screen, you can be sure it’s always the right communication that reaches them.

Our 360 degree approach to the customer experience allows brands to engage with consumers in store and out as well, through mobile apps, smart screens and the web. We keep your customers engaged no matter where they are, across devices. And with our discovery and recommendation engines, we get them to keep coming back. We can provide integration with social media, communities and influencers all on one platform.

Whether it’s customised music and video channels, in-store messaging, or video content creation, we can help you develop your brand building strategy.

Business intelligence helps retailers monitor and measure customer behaviour to optimize sales strategy. With Alenka’s audience measurement capabilities, retailers can use big data to measure customers’ response to content and its impact on sales to generate business insights.


Download our software on your existing Windows PC, and get all the benefits of our cloud based platform without having to invest in new hardware. Manage your music playlists without any additional devices.

Download our app on any android device to access and manage your music or digital audio video signage. All you need is an amplifier and speakers for audio, or a television screen for video signage.

Choose the Alenka SmartMusic Player or Alenka SmartSignage Player, hook it up to your amplifier or television screen, and you’re good to go.