Do I need to be online all the time?

No. We use “store and forward” technology, which downloads all the content and programming to your player and stores it locally. Even without the internet, your music and signage players will continue to play. However, internet connectivity is needed for content updates, and for reporting to the server.

How quickly can I change content?

It really depends on the speed of your internet connection and the type of content you need. Our programming team can usually make changes in a couple of hours. Then your player just needs to download the changes.

Can I play different content at different times of the day? Or different days of the week?

Absolutely. You can programme dayparts in any way you like.

Can you give me reports like a player log or proof of play?

Of course. All the information you need is available through an online dashboard. Reports can be downloaded in spreadsheet ready formats.

What connections does my amplifier/computer/laptop/tablet need for us to successfully set up your player?

The headphone output on your computer, laptop or tablet is all you need. An audio cable from that will connect to your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be able to accept input from an external source. Typically, you’d connect to your AUX or CD input.


Do I have to choose from a list of readymade channels, or can I have my own unique sound?

With our service, you’re not forced to choose a generic channel. We customise the entire in-store experience to your needs.

Can I remove songs from the list?

Yes, songs you don’t want playing can be removed from your programming.

How often are new songs added to my list?

That depends on the genre. Contemporary hits from the Top 40 charts are updated weekly, while playlists in genres like jazz and classical are typically updated once a month.

I don’t like a song, is there a way to skip?

Yes. You can skip to the next song programmed.

I want a certain song added? How?

Just let us know and we’ll include it for you.

Am I going to hear the same songs every day?

Not at all. We make sure that songs are programmed so that you never hear the same sequence again. Unless, of course, you want to.

What is Direct License or Royalty Free Music?

Here’s the catch. Royalty free music isn’t actually free. And performers are paid royalties. It’s just that we engage with license aggregators who have dealt directly with musicians and publishers to acquire the right to play their music in your premises. That means it’s still completely legal, it’s still great music, and it’s a huge saving for you compared to copyright music.

What if I want to play the latest chart hits? Do I need a copyright music license?

Yes, you do. You’ll need public performance licenses from the licensing agencies in your country. Depending on where you’re located, you’ll need to contact your local rights organisations.

Can I play my own ads or promos?

As often as you like. After every song, after every 20 minutes, at specific times of the day, whatever works for your customers.

What if I want to change to a different playlist?

Our music service gives you the option of doing that. Just decide which playlists you want on your player, and you can go back and forth between them. Suit your music to your crowd.

I already play music from my computer but every song has a different volume level. It sounds terrible.

Yes, it does. Which is why our software makes sure that every song is played at a uniform level. We also match tempos so you don’t have a fast, up tempo song sandwiched between two ballads.

What genres of music can I get?

What would you like? We programme music in over 150 different genres so if it’s been recorded, we can play it for you.

Which are the languages you can give me?

We programme in 25 of them. Apart from English, there’s French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Sinhalese, Turkish, Arabic and the music of sub-Saharan Africa. From India, we have Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Konkani. Did we miss any?

I’m in the Middle East, and I would like the music to go off at prayer times.

Our platform automatically turns off the music before the call to prayer, and gives you silence. It then automatically comes back on after the appropriate period of time. You don’t have to rush to your amplifier to turn down the volume. We program prayer times for every city and country individually, so you will always have the correct prayer times for your location.

Digital Signage

What can I have displayed on my screen?

You can have video, images, text, RSS, Flash, documents and webpages. You can combine these with weather, news, clocks & countdowns, HTML5 & web components, catalogues, and queue management.

Can I link my social media accounts to the screen display?

Sure. We can give you a live link to your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Can I have an interactive kiosk using your signage platform?

Absolutely. You can have interactive screens, capture customer information such as addresses and phone numbers, and send them more information through email.

What media formats do you support?

We can use video in MP4 and AVI formats, and images in JPEG, PNG and GIF.