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The right music in a store not only enhances the shopping experience for customers, but can also encourage them to spend more time and more money there. Our in store radio lets department stores, malls, supermarkets, boutiques, shopping centres and retail brands create a soundscape for their stores, air promotions and advertise products to a captive audience. Our clients can choose from over 150 genres of music to suit their customer profile, ranging from contemporary hit songs to classical tracks. Using customised announcements and advertisements to promote products and services in stores, Alenka’s in-store radio takes background music to a new level, making it an effective marketing tool for retailers. Our individualised ad serving technology lets retailers customise messaging for each location, or even within zones in each outlet. Run campaigns across your entire chain, or customise it for different regions, cities or neighbourhoods. And of course, since we programme in so many languages, your messaging can be as localised as you like. And updated as often as you want.

Background Music for retail brands


Alenka provides specialised audio services to resorts, luxury hotels and motels internationally. We design soundscapes for properties and outlets to enhance the living and dining experience for guests. Customised music selection for each location such as the lobby, reception, waiting areas and corridors, based on the time of day, the mood to be created at different times, and the clientele at such times.

Best Background Music For Hotels


Whether you’re a standalone brasserie or bistro, a fine dining or casual restaurant, a coffee shop or a fast-food QSR chain with hundreds of outlets, we create the right soundscape for your customers. A signature sound across the world or individually customised playlists for each location, we can give you all that and anything in between.

playlists For Restaurants


Alenka’s bar and lounge clients can customise the tunes in each of their locations. Music can be programmed to suit the crowd you attract from mellow Mondays to the wildest weekends. Mood, tempo and genre can all change every day of the week, every hour of the day. From dancehall to downtempo, we make sure your customers keep coming back. Need a jukebox instead? We have those too!

Background Music For Bar


Meditation, relaxation, massage or yoga. We’ve created soundscapes for some of the best spas in the world for the wide variety of treatments they offer, be it relaxing spa music, soothing yoga tunes or calming zen clips. From individual treatment rooms to group meditation sessions, we have all the music you need to make your guests never want to leave.

Relaxing spa music


The perfect tempo and the perfect mood for any fitness regime, with music carefully selected by BPM, energy and pace. Whether it’s for an intense cardio workout or a battle with the barbells, we make sure the best music is pumping those muscles.

Best Playlist For Gyms

Lobbies and Waiting Areas

Doctors’ waiting rooms, hospital lobbies, office buildings, and yes, even elevators. Whether you need to soothe nerves or speed up movement, we have the right background music for all these spaces.

Background Music For Lobbies & Waiting Areas